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Art & Design Project Cards


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3D Wiggle Vision with Gimp

There's a kind of 3D photography called stereoscopy. If you have a stereoscopic picture, you can use an image editor like the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) to turn it into an animated gif that creates a 3D "wiggle" effect. Download the 3D Wiggle Vision project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

How to do a tiny planet

Tiny planets are awesome. They're all tiny and planety and stuff. If you have an Android phone with Jelly Bean 4.2 or higher, then you can make one from scratch really easy, no further materials required.Download the Tiny Planet project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

Photoshop yourself famous

Do you want to stand next to the president? Put your head on a corgi? Hang out with movie stars? Punch a transformer? Download the Photoshop project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

Taking Great Photos with Your Phone 1: Composition

While there is no shortage of tools and apps that can fix up your photo, there’s still no substitute for taking a good photo in the first place. Planning out your shot will save you a ton of time and stress later on in the editing process. Not to mention some photos just can’t be fixed afterward, no matter how much you crop and how many filters you put on them! Download the Taking Great Photos project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

Photo Mashup Madness

Got two photos? Want to mash 'em up? You can do that in Photoshop! Download the Photo Mashup Madness project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 2 out 3

Make a panorama the hard way

Panoramas are awesome. They're all big and full of majesty and stuff. Just about any smartphone these days can take one. But you want to know how to do it yourself. Maybe because you want to use a better camera than the one on your phone. Or maybe you want your pano to go up and down instead of just left to right. Maybe you have some other fancypants reason I can't even think of. Whatever, I'm not a mind reader. Let's make a panorama. Download the Panorama project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 2 out 3

Face Swap using GIMP!

GIMP stands for Gnu Image Manipulation Program, and it’s a free, open source photo retouching and image composition program (like Photoshop! But not $600). You can download it at GIMP.org. We’re going to use GIMP to do a face swap. Download the Face Swap project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 2 out 3