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Tasty Reads for Teens

November 30, 2019 - 1:22pm -- Wendy
Book Cover for Sweet Revenge
Book cover for Japanese Cooking With Manga

The weather’s cold, it’s dark outside and you have a hankering for something warm and tasty.  These cookbooks will help you whip up some deliciousness to brighten your winter days.

Sweet Revenge: Passive-Aggressive Desserts for Your Exes & Enemies by Heather Kim. Filled with recipes like What a Piece of Sheet Cake or Every Day I Regret Us S’More, this snarky and sarcastic cookbook will add a lot of sweetness to that bitter break-up.

Japanese Cooking with Manga: Easy Recipes Your Friends Will Love! by Alexis Aldeguer. Love Japanese food, but don’t know where to begin?  Start with some basic instruction, add in lots of color illustrations, follow the step-by-step directions and you’ll be able to whip up some Hand-rolled Temaki Sushi Rolls like a pro.  

Cook With Amber: Fun, Fresh Recipes to Get You in the Kitchen by Amber Kelley. Fast and healthy recipes from her YouTube channel. May I tempt you with a Frozen Peanut Butter and Chocolate Banana Sandwich or Gnarly Carrot Fingers in Black Bean Dip?

Treat Yourself!: How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats by Jessica Siskin. They’re tasty, easy to make and have few ingredients.  What’s not to love about crispy rice treats?  This book takes them to a whole new level by making them into an art form.  A crispy rice barbeque grill anyone?  What about a smartphone or a designer handbag?  

The Green Teen Cookbook: Recipes for All Seasons edited by Laurane Marchive. Holiday meals have you feeling overfed and sluggish? The Green Teen Cookbook is a collection of recipes by teens for teens that teaches you how to eat healthily, responsibly and cheaply.  Yummy meals like Winter Squash Grilled Cheese and Fish Curry with Spiced Rice make sure you get great taste as well.

Mac & Cheese, Please!: 50 Super Cheesy Recipes by Laura Werlin. Who knew there are so many different ways to enjoy the ultimate comfort food?  From varieties of pasta to the subtleties of cheese, this little but mighty cookbook will raise your mac and cheese far above the level of the boxed variety. Recipes like Fried Mac & Cheese Squares and Spicy “Home Fries” Mac & Cheese guarantee you won’t regret investing more time into the preparation.

Looking for other sweet and savory delights?  Come check out our collection of cookbooks at the Denver Public Library branch near you. Happy eating!