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Teen Book Lists

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With so many options, choosing what books to read this summer can be overwhelming. While there is nothing wrong with rereading an old favorite, reading new material takes us on an adventure by introducing us to places, people, cultures and experiences we may have otherwise overlooked.

Tips for picking a book:

Get out of your comfort zone. It’s not fair to write off entire genres. Just because you didn’t like Lord of the Rings doesn’t mean you will dislike all fantasy and adventure novels.

Judge a book by its cover. There is nothing wrong with choosing a book because the cover art catches your eye.

Ask a librarian for help making a selection. Don’t be intimidated. Book recommendations are what librarians live for.

Not feeling chatty? We gotcha covered. Answer a few simple questions about your reading preferences and get a Customized Reading List.

Still having trouble making a decision?  Check out our Book Lists ranging in topics from African American literature, LGBTQ books for teens, Mysteries, Thrillers and everything in between. Happy reading!