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Iron Genie

May 13, 2019 - 6:01pm -- Toby
Book cover, Math Art by Stephen Ornes

The  drawings from the Iron Genie don't flow from a Spryo Gryo pen, but rather the frequencies made by pendulums. See this harmonograph sculpture at work. What inspired artist Anita Chowdry to create this interactive scultpure?

Math Art: Truth, Beauty and Equations reveals it is Chowdry's fascination with mathmatics, geometry, and designs found in natural phenomena. And there are many artists who create using mathmatics. Some artists crochet the hyperbolic plane, weave with algebra, discover tessellations in the Alhambra or paint with Pythagorean theorem.

What inspires you? Check out an ideaLAB. The lab is free and all are welcome.