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Calling all Film Ninjas! Make your own thirty second Kung Fu Movie

February 12, 2014 - 12:46pm -- Laura
Make your own 30 second Kung Fu Movie

Teens!  Ages 12-19 Join ideaLAB for 3 days of Kung Fu movie making awesomeness.  We will learn, plan, shoot, edit, and watch your very own thirty second Kung Fu masterpieces.  Learn about storyboarding, cinematography, sound editing, and kicking butt (though not for realsies).  There's something for everyone behind or in front of the camera, just come on down to ideaLAB Thursday-Saturday, February 27th and 28th 4-6,  and March 1st 11-4.

Getting stoked?  Can't wait?  Ask a librarian to help you find some Kung Fu classics to check out like these titles below!


Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master Kung Fu Panda Bruce Lee Ultimate Anthology Kung Fu Monks in America Beverly Hills Ninja

Update: Here's the finished movie!



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