Contribute to Evolver!

September 21, 2012 - 12:19pm -- angela

Are you an artist, a writer or cinematographer? Do you love books, movies or music and want to share what you've read? We want you to contribute to Evolver!

With this new site you'll be able to post your work and comment on work by other teens. What should you share? Pretty much anything! We are accepting art (photography, painting, digital art), writing (poetry, short stories, song lyrics) and reviews on books, movies and music. You can also create a book list of your favorites and we'll post them along with links to the catalog so other teens can check out what you recommend.

And if you want to share an awesome website you found, a story about your life, or something that you're really into, sign up for a blog account and start writing. Do you do stand-up comedy, or skateboard, or are you into fingernail art? Have a band or a cool collection? Are you the next big chef or fashion designer? Write a blog about it and share it with Denver!

If you want to see what other teens are sharing, check out our Create & Connect section.


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