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Teen Writing Club with Denver Writes

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Every Wednesday afternoon from 4:30-6:30 p.m., the Smiley Branch Library is home to Denver Writes' Teen Writing Club. While many young writers come each week, any teen who wants to check it out is welcome to drop in at any time. The overall structure is pretty casual, but generally each session focuses on a different aspect of writing, such as dialogue or character development, for example, and will feature a fun warmup exercise and a longer writing prompt, as well as plenty of time to enjoy snacks and catch up with other writers. Participants frequently bring their ideas and writing pieces to share with one another as well.

Teen Writing Club regulars like to work on a wide variety of creative projects, from short stories to longer novels to poetry. Their genre interests vary too - from horror and sci fi/fantasy to funnier stories with happy endings, with the self-proclaimed "depressing poem" making a regular appearance (the darker the better!). Though their preferred topics of choice to write on can span a wide range of emotions, the group itself is always kind and welcoming toward one another. When asked what they like best about Teen Writing Club, regulars said that it is open and accepting, that they felt like they could express themselves freely, and that it is a space that's LGBTQ friendly. 

Denver Writes is a local nonprofit with the mission "to provide young writers in the Denver area with a supportive community and creative opportunities to express themselves through writing." Aside from hosting Teen Writing Club every Wednesday at Smiley, they also offer another weekly writing group down the street at BookBar each Monday for a younger crowd, and they host regular workshops and summer camps around the city. 

Teen Writing Club at Smiley will continue every Wednesday through the end of April, when the building will temporarily close for renovation. While we'll have to take a break during the closure, please keep an eye on our online calendar and on Denver Writes' website for updates and for other great teen events and writing opportunities in the meantime!