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Back in April, I picked up the book, well an audio eBook actually, Delirium. And when I say picked up, I downloaded it to my phone via the Overdrive app. I know it might be hard to sell this series, as I have heard recently, many teens are not that into dystopian novels. I get it. What I am trying to share with you is the wonderful resource of Overdrive. I listened to the Delirium Trilogy by downloading the audio eBook from Overdrive. But the other awesome thing about it was, that Lauren Olive wrote some min-novels from other characters perspectives and a few of them take place in between the three main novels, there are four total. These mini-novels are not available as physical books, which can be a bummer because they definitely add depth to some of the characters and the story overall. I should also mention, the mini-novels are only available as eBooks and don't have an audio eBook version.

Overdrive can be downloaded as an app on your android/apple/kindle device, you can even read a digital version of the book on your computer through the browser. If you aren't sure how or what to do, ask a staff member, we would love to help you. Overdrive definitely opens up the library even more to you. In the past, I have showed this resource to teens, who are looking for a book their teacher assigned to the class. If you get there early you can have the digital copy on your device with you, instead of waiting for the physical book with the rest of your classmates.

P.S. This is the order I read/listened the Delirium series books: Delirium, Hana, Pandemonium, Alex, Annabel, Requiem, Raven

P.P.S If there are any teens or YA Lovers, that are also Grey's Anatomy Lovers, the reader for the audio eBooks is Sarah Drew AKA Dr. April Kepner!

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