Girls Only ideaLAB: REMIX August Edition

August 9, 2014 - 12:56pm -- Laura
Girls Only ideaLAB. Your favorite song. Your Remix
Girls only ideaLAB
5 Seconds of Summer on Turn Table

Hey Girls!

With school just around the corner you've GOT to have a good mixtape for studying, right? Join Girls Only ideaLAB on August 23 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. to create your own personal remix! We will learn the ins and outs of the music editing programs in our studio, and add our own special mix to our favorite songs! Bring a song in mind that you'd like to remix, we've got the rest!

Did you miss the 3D printed baubles in July (or are still waiting for your SUPER AWESOME COMPANION CUBE TO PRINT!?!)? Well fear not! ideaLAB is open M-F 3-6 and Saturdays 11-4 for open lab hours. Come on in, ask staff or one of our multi-talented mentors to help get you started!

Don't forget that Girls Only ideaLAB will meet every 4th Saturday of every month. Have something techie (or maker-ie) you're dying to play with?! Let me know!


Submitted by Melanie on
i love the picture!!!!! THE ARE SO HOT BACK THEN AND NOW!!! CANT....BREATHE...TOO..MUCH...PERFECTNESS.......

Submitted by Melanie on
are we gonna get our 3d things when we show up? cuz i really want my OLAF!!! and smiley :) <3 And when we make the remix like are we gonna sing or something? or just remix it? cuz i got no idea but songto bring.

Submitted by Anonymous on
when we remix things are we gonna like do a cover or like just remix it? cuz i got no idea :) :P <3

Submitted by Anonymous on
i think we should make our own t=shirts next. you know like with graphs and everything if that's possible.

Submitted by Laura on
Glad you liked the picture! I had fun Photoshopping it! 1. Yes, you can pick up your 3D printed stuff! I'm printing Olaf now, and your smiley earrings are all printed. If you can stay a few extra minutes we can put your earrings on wires! 2. We're going to start off w/ a remix. A whole cover is a little too ambitious, so we're going to start with a project that introduces one of the music software programs we have here! It will be fun, just bring your favorite song! We'll see what we can do with it! 3. LOVE the t-shirt idea! It's on my list now!

Submitted by Melanie on
we could also make room design' know you could let us pick our theme then like just let our minds run FREE. cuz my room is really plain and i think it could be fun. And i can not WAIT till i see olaf! does he look cool? <3 and i can maybe stay a few more minutes but if i can't i can't but yeah i'll try

Submitted by Melanie on
I will bring my song to show you cuz i want to know what you think of it but what do you mean bring your fave song? like in our heads....? i dont think i will USE my song this time but we'll see. <3 :D

Submitted by not telling on
they gave me a thumb drive for my song. could i give it to you when i come? my brother says to keep it but i dont want to.

Submitted by Laura on
Bring your song! I would love to hear it. We can copy it to a folder here at the lab so that you can keep your thumb drive!

Submitted by Melanie on
Okay so I want to start a band but I don't know anybody that wants to. Do you any idea how I could?

Submitted by Melanie on
They could even be learning, I am learning but I am pretty good even my teacher says so and I've read that most band start when their learning. I tired looking at a couple band sites for members but there's no one around my age that's looking so i thought i would ask you. if you don't find anyone thats fine but at least you tried :) :D XD

Submitted by Laura on
I did! I thought they were very good, but I'd love to hear them put to music! If you can come a little earlier next Girls Only (or most Saturdays I'm in the lab!) we could chat about them more, and try to figure out the recording studio!

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