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Hacking History: Bushi

November 9, 2017 - 11:14am -- Toby
Book cover for Samurai Rising by Pamela S. Turner

England had knights with their own brand of chivalry, while Japan had bushi or samurai and their code of honor. Samurai Rising is the true-story of Minamoto Yoshitsune, one of the most famous samurai who lived during 12th century Japan, a time of political strife and short life spans. Danger surrounded Minamoto’s family and young Minamoto was placed in a Buddhist monastery in the mountains far from harm. But when Minamoto was 15 years old, he ran away to become a fulltime warrior. In this book, his adventures are reimagined with bold drawings while well-researched facts about Minamoto’s life tell his tragic story.

The largest samurai collection of armor and other samurai artifacts outside of Japan is located in Texas at the Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum. Visit the samurai collection online and learn more about the samurai way of life. Students who study aboard in historic Kyoto, the city Minamoto called home over 800 years ago, share stories of Kyoto’s past and present at The Kyoto Project.




Submitted by Larry Maynard on

When I saw this I ordered it immediately. Once I got it I couldn't put it down and finished it in 2 days reading it over dinner. What a Great read! Thanks for putting it on my radar, Larry 

Submitted by Toby on
Wow! I am glad you enjoyed Minamoto's story. There were also powerful female samurai warriors known as the onna-bugeisha like Tomoe Gozen. We can send you a personalized reading list if you'd like to read even more. Click here to get started. Thanks for reading with us!