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National History Day: Ready-Made Research Guides if You've Procrastinated

January 14, 2020 - 6:59pm -- Robin
National History Day Breaking Barriers in History

The National History Day competition season is heating up. The fun begins in the San Luis Valley on January 25, with competitions occuring around the state through April. Denver students will compete on March 21, and the statewide competition will be held at the University of Colorado Denver on May 2.

Perhaps you have procrastinated a bit, and you need to kick start your project. Never fear! The librarians at the Denver Public Library have created over 30 research guides on topics like Ruth Bader GinsburgThe Little Rock Nine,  Women on Bikes: Cycling as a Precursor to SuffrageAmelia Earhart,and The Jazz Singer: First Talkie Breaking the Barrier of Sound. Haven't decided on a topic yet? These ready-made guides should help.

We have placed a special emphais on guides with a Colorado or Denver focus. You'll find resources on  The Denver Chicano MovementADAPT and the Disability Rights MovementBarney Ford: Colorado Entrepreneur & ActivistJustina L. Ford: First Black Woman Doctor in the Rocky Mountain West, and Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales.

Each guide contains research tips and tricks, links to books and manuscripts in the library collection, articles from our library databases (accessible with a library card), and credible internet resources. We know you need primary sources for your project, so we have made special note of those in the research guides. If you need a place to start your research, these guides fit the bill!

Do you need more help than just the online resources? You may chat with our librarians 24 hours a day. Log in to our Ask Us! chat service and tell us about your National History Day topic. Let us know what sorts of sources you have found already and what you are still looking for. Our librarians are research experts and they can help you find the best sources for your topic.

We love working with NHD students and we are wishing everyone great success in Breaking Barriers in research this year!