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ideaLAB closures and other updates!

July 15, 2014 - 7:49pm -- nate
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The new schedule is that there is no new schedule.

Just to make sure everyone (on the internet, at least) knows: because of devCamp, the ideaLAB will be closed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next two weeks (until July 25th). We also have Summer of Tech going on every Thursday, so there's no open lab time on Thursdays until after August 14th. Oh, also: the lab will be girls only on Saturday, July 26, from 11 AM to 1 PM.

After all this summer madness, we'll be back on our normal schedule of 3-6 PM Monday through Friday and 11-4 PM on Saturdays, except for the last Saturday of every month, which is Girls Only ideaLAB (GOlab?). And we'll be adding some hours for families and adults. And doing more programs. So what I'm saying is: it'll all be back to normal soon, which is never really normal. Because it's the ideaLAB. See you soon.

One more thing: we have a tumblr now. Come follow us.


Submitted by nate on
Those are still happening! Sorry if it wasn't clear - all of our <a href="https://teens.denverlibrary.org/idealab-summer-tech-2014">Summer of Tech</a> programs are happening on Thursdays from now until August 14th.

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