ideaLABradites give Minecraft thanks at the Minecraft Party!

November 16, 2013 - 10:14am -- Laura
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AHHHHH Man!  ideaLAB teens had an awesome time at our second Minecraft Party on November 9th!  In the holiday spirit, we gave thanks by bustin' stuff with a pickaxe and spawning villagers, ghasts, giant zombies, and ender dragons; as you do!  Teens tried their hands and feet at the life-size Minecraft Controller (think Dance Dance Revolution with a Makey-Makey, duct tape, wire, tinfoil, and cardboard), but only the brave were able to master the block!  (Ya srsly, it was HARD!)  We wound down the party with an epic Best Creative Build contest where teens worked alone or in groups to come up with the most creative build in 30 minutes.  There was a giant donut tower, a Thanksgiving dinner, a legendary rollercoaster, a timetraveling TARDIS, and a spot-on Helm's Deep complete with zombie orcs and an unfortunate explosion.  The winning build was an epic fireworks show (is it still going guys?) by theBrines.  Thanks everyone for coming and playing with us!

Can't wait to get back into the ideaLAB Minecraft world?  Download this file.  Get more information about how/what/where to download it here.  

OR, come visit us in ideaLAB!  ideaLAB is open Monday-Friday from 3-6 and Saturday 11-4.  It is open to all teens ages 12-19.  Minecraft not your thing?  Great!  We have a green screen, a recording studio, super awesome game making software, arduino boards, Photoshop, and more!  Let your imagination run wil' and MAKE STUFF.

Also, tell your padres!  We are currently raising money with an indiegogo campaign!  Check out the video, then tell your parents, teachers and friends to give $$ for more cool stuff!  A 3-D printer, perhaps?!



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