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Teen Book Club at Central

Image by Olivier Pichard

Teens, you've been asking for a book club at Central forever! We can finally start one!

We are going to meet on Saturday, 23 March at 10 AM to talk about what kind of book club you would like and also to pick out some books to read. We will have donuts! Awesome!

Some of you have suggested that we have a sci-fi and fantasy book club-- this can happen if you want it to. Or, we can read a bit of everything. So swing by the library with a list of books you think we should read! Bring a friend so you know that at least 2 cool people will be there. Also, we should probably have a cool name, right? So think about that too.

If you have any questions, you can contact Kellie at 720-865-1312 or talk to me in the Burnham Hoyt room (where the teen space lives).

Update: The Book Club has been named! The Probably Awesome Book Club meets one Saturday a month at 10 a.m. in the Teen Space at the Central Library to eat donuts, drink coffee and, you know, talk about books. Get more details on our Probably Awesome Book Club page!

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