Teens! Be the first to check out a GoPro from ideaLAB

April 4, 2014 - 2:53pm -- Laura
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Echoing through the halls of ideaLAB is Paul Reveres' cry, "The GoPros are coming! The GoPros are coming!" Wait. Nah, that's not the story...

Anyway on April 25th two lucky ideaLAB teens will be the first to check-out the GoPro Cameras from ideaLAB. They get to take these babies home for ONE WEEK to christen them with their own special brand of epic awesomeness.

But wait! There is more. The first two teens on this, the maiden voyage of ideaLAB GoPro-age, will also be participating in One Day In Denver. What is this? Denver is one of 11 participating cities to encourage filmmakers, non-profit organizations, and inspired citizens (you!) to investigate 10 questions about their city as part of the wider One Day on Earth. It's as easy as filming your day April 26th and uploading the footage to the One Day in Denver site. (Guess what? ideaLAB staff are on hand to help you!)

Want to be one of the lucky first? Sign up Here! Any teen ages 12-19 are eligible. Participants must have a Denver Public Library card in good standing (you can't owe more than $5, yo!), and must commit to submitting their day to the One Day in Denver project. Call ideaLAB with any questions!


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The GoPros are out on the town! If you didn't get a chance to be one of the first two, don't despair! Visit (or call) ideaLAB to be put on the hold list! M-F 3-6p SAT 11-4p 720-865-1706

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