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Women in Sports, Being Awesome!

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March is Women's History Month and the Winter Olympics just ended about a week ago. And there were some phenomenal women who participated in the Olympic events. Lindsey Vonn is one the superstars of the Olympics. And did anyone stay up late to watch U.S. Women's Hockey Team win the gold?! 

I will be honest I don't play sports very often and there are some sports out there that still don't make sense to me. But I will say one thing, I love seeing women thrive in the sport they have worked hard to excel in. Their dedication is inspiring! And when they win, it's so emotional. I remember sitting on my couch sitting with my sister, my mom, my niece and my daughter when the U.S. Women's Soccer team won the World Cup in 2015! And how some of those women playing probably looked up to Mia Hamm. It was a wondeful thing to witness and share with my family. I can only imagine how the athletes felt when won! 

So in honor of Women's History Month, I wanted to introduce some books that tell the stories of some remarkable women in sports:

Women in the Olympics

Greatest Moments in Women's Sports

Pioneers in Women's Sports

And I would be doing you all a disservice, if I didn't include a movie or two:


Battle of the Sexes 

Here's a list of movies you can check out through Prospector that are my personal favorite:

Bend It Like Beckham

Stick It!

Whip It!

P.S. Soccer is kind of big deal in my life.