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Perfectly Parvin
Abtahi, Olivia
Fourteen-year-old Iranian-American Parvin Mohammadi sets out to win the ultimate date to homecoming in this heartfelt and outright hilarious debut.
Cool For The Summer
Adler, Dahlia
Seventeen-year-old Lara's dream of catching Chase Harding's eye finally comes true even as Jasmine, with whom she just spent a confusing, oddly romantic summer, reenters her life.
Aleman, Daniel
This timely, moving debut novel follows a teen's efforts to keep his family together as his parents face deportation.
Misfit In Love
Ali, S. K.
Janna Yusuf and her friends are planning for her brother's nikah. But what started as a simple marriage ceremony is turning into the biggest event of the summer-and a chance for Janna to finally reveal her crush...or so she thinks.
Sister Of The Bollywood Bride
Bajpai, Nandini
A charming novel about one teen's summer tackling disasters including, but not limited to, family, romance, and weather--as she plans her sister's Bollywood-style Indian wedding.
Mindfulness And Self-compassion For Teen Adhd: Build Executive Functioning Skills, Increase Motivation, And Improve Self-confidence
Bertin, Mark
Attention deficit/hyperactivity (ADHD) and self-compassion experts Mark Bertin and Karen Bluth bring teens powerful skills for overcoming self-criticism and building the executive functioning skills they need to become more confident, resilient, and independent. The book includes mindfulness tools to help teens accept the limitations of ADHD, and self-compassion strategies to help them stop beating themselves up and comparing themselves to their peers.
Counting Down With You
Bhuiyan, Tashie
In this sparkling and romantic YA debut, a reserved Bangladeshi teenager has twenty-eight days to make the biggest decision of her life after agreeing to fake date her school's resident bad boy.
My Trans Parent: A User Guide For When Your Parent Transitions
Bryant, Heather
When a parent transitions, the whole family transitions. Providing tips and advice, information on gender identity and transitioning, and a wealth of real-life stories, this book will guide you through your relative's transition, and your own.
Native Women Changing Their Worlds
Cutright, Patricia
Biographies of Native American women who are working for change in their communities.The 12 Indigenous women featured in this book overcame unimaginable hardships--racial and gender discrimination, abuse and extreme poverty--only to rise to great heights in the fields of politics, science, education and community activism.
Where The Rhythm Takes You
Dass, Sarah
Inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion, Where the Rhythm Takes You is a romantic, mesmerizing novel of first love and second chances.
The Ones We're Meant To Find
He, Joan
A gripping and heartfelt YA sci-fi with mind-blowing twists. Set in a climate-ravaged future, Joan the novel follows the story of two sisters, separated by an ocean, desperately trying to find each other.
Tokyo Ever After
Jean, Emiko
After learning that her father is the Crown Prince of Japan, Izumi travels to Tokyo, where she discovers that Japanese imperial life--complete with designer clothes, court intrigue, paparazzi scandals, and a forbidden romance with her handsome but stoic bodyguard--is a tough fit for the outspoken and irreverant eighteen-year-old from northern California.
Johnston, E. K.
Set on a family-run interstellar freighter called the Harland and a mysterious remote space station, E. K. Johnston's latest is a story of survival and self-determination.
The Marvelous Mirza Girls
Karim, Sheba
Gilmore Girls meets vibrant New Delhi in this thoughtful and hilarious new novel about a teen facing family expectations, relationship complications, and hidden secrets in a new country--sprinkled with Sheba Karim's signature wit and steamy romance.
King, A. S.
A surreal and timely novel about the effects of isolation and what it means to be connected to the world.
Meet Cute Diary
Lee, Emery
A swoon-worthy, heartfelt rom-com about how a transgender teen's first love challenges his ideas about perfect relationships.
It Goes Like This
Moreland, Miel
Eva, Celeste, Gina, and Steph used to think their friendship was unbreakable. After all, they've been though a lot together, including the astronomical rise of Moonlight Overthrow, the world-famous queer pop band they formed in middle school. But after a sudden falling out leads to the dissolution of the teens' band, their friendship, and Eva and Celeste's starry-eyed romance, nothing is the same.
Baby And Solo
Posthuma, Lisabeth
Seventeen-year-old Joel Teague has a new prescription from his therapist--a part-time job--the first step toward the elusive Normal life he's been so desperate to live ever since The Bad Thing happened. Joel works his way up the not-so-corporate ladder without anyone suspecting What Was Wrong With Him. That is, until he befriends Nicole "Baby" Palmer, a smart-mouthed coworker with a chip on her shoulder about . . . well, everything. However, when Joel's past inevitably catches up with him, he's forced to choose between preserving his new blank slate persona and coming clean--and either way, he risks losing the first real friend he's ever had.
Native Actors And Filmmakers: Visual Storytellers
Robinson, Gary
Biographies of Native Americans who tell their stories in film and on TV will inspire young people in the fields of entertainment and production.
They Better Call Me Sugar: My Journey From The Hood To The Hardwood
Rodgers, Sugar
In unflinchingly honest prose, Sugar Rodgers shares her inspiring story of overcoming tremendous odds to become an all-star in the WNBA.
All Kinds Of Other
Sie, James
In this tender, nuanced coming-of-age love story, two boys--one who is cis, and one who is trans--have been guarding their hearts, until their feelings for each other give them a reason to stand up to their fears.
Mister Impossible (the Dreamer Trilogy #2)
Stiefvater, Maggie
A mesmerizing story of dreams and desires, death and destiny.
On The Hook
Stork, Francisco X.
Hector has always minded his own business, working hard to make his way to a better life someday. Until Joey singles him out. Joey, whose older brother, Chavo, is head of the Discípulos gang, tells Hector that he's going to kill him: maybe not today, or tomorrow, but someday. And Hector, frozen with fear, does nothing. From that day forward, Hector's death is hanging over his head every time he leaves the house. He tries to fade into the shadows -- to drop off Joey's radar -- to become no one. But when a fight between Chavo and Hector's brother Fili escalates, Hector is left with no choice but to take a stand.
The Other Side Of Perfect
Turk, Mariko
An emotional story about a former ballerina who is thrust back into 'normal' high school after a life-changing injury, and who comes to terms with life without her passion as well as discrimination in the ballet world.
A Sitting In St. James
Williams-Garcia, Rita
In 1860 Louisiana, eighty-year-old Madame Sylvie decides to sit for a portrait, as horrific stories that span generations from the big house and the fields are revealed.