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Name: Anonymous
These are my favorite dwarfs, Dopey, Happy,& Bashful

Name: Anonymous

Name: Anonymous

Name: Anonymous
What my project is really talking about, is what our state, the state of Colorado Represents. I know there are a lot more several other things that represents the state of Colorado, but I just painted the mountains. My painting is painted with oil paint. It took me only a week to get this painting done and was only created with my own imagination. There's not really a theme into this painting. I created this Art project because I am really into Art like drawing and painting so I just decided to sit aside and do what I do best.

Name: Colorado69
Moving forward

Name: Luis0328
This is an advanced piece of art i made, it took 3 hours and lots of dedication, This piece is about a young shpee, or spy living in a nice urban apartment building

Name: Mistyrious
Bookmark made during the digital art tablet course at Sam Gary!

Name: Reader101
This just shows what my favorite genres are, and it's a bookmark!

Name: HBSnowPaw

Name: Rikki
Inspired by mystery novels and my love for all things that are unique.


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Name: Anonymous Age: 12
No snails were harmed in this demonstration. I used leaves and grass to make the snail carrier. The balloon was attached to a long thread, so the snail was returned home safely.

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Name: Anonymous

Name: Anonymous

Name: seb

Name: Anonymous

Name: Hans Luis emilliano School: Dora Moore / West LeaderShip Acadamy / west generation

Name: Luis Urbina and Hans Gehrig School: West Leadership Acdemy Dora Moore

Name: Isaiah J Perez School: Ranum Middle School

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Name: Anonymous School: good shepherd

Name: Anonymous

Name: Luis School: West Leasership Acdemy

Name: Luis School: West Leasership Acdemy

Name: Luis School: West Leasership Acdemy

Name: Luis School: West Leadership Acdemy

Name: Luis School: West Leadership Acdemy

Name: Luis and hans School: west leadership Acdemy and Dore moore



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Name: acera School: West Early College

Name: technalgamer

Name: Colorado69

Name: Colorado69

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The Dark Woods

By Ione Larson


I wake early in the morning to do my Sunday chores. I walk outside my hut and look at the people as they walk by. They glare at me with disgust as they saunter by. I feel the

Rejection of the tribe. I try think of

my friends but I then realize I have none. I quickly feed the goats and milk them and go back into

The hut to weave. “It's ugly!” my mother shouts. I try not to yell. “I'm sorry mother.”  I then walk

back outside to get some

fresh air. I look

at the gloomy woods. I then remember what's happening

in two days. The leaving. Every year one 16 year old female of the tribe goes into the woods for two weeks to survive, in order that they may come back to the tribe a woman. The men are already worthy and do not need to be tested of their strength. I'm so worried. But I know that I have to be strong. my mom yells at me from the house to come eat. I eat the mush she has made me without complaining (a surprising feat.)I then set out to work in the fields. I gather the wheat and try to meet my quota. After it turns dark we all go home. I fade off to sleep. The next morning I wake up to the memories of the dreams the night before. I was in the middle of the tribe. The people were jeering at me and throwing objects at me. I know it's the reminder of the rejection I feel

In the tribe but I push it out of my mind. I remember that the next day is the day I have to leave into the woods. There is no honor for the week of the tribe. And I am weak. I try to pull my weight but it's often hard. And my weak skinny figure does not help. The failure of my sisters impacts me greatly. When it was their turn in the woods they both failed. And died. I know that their mishaps have shown me to be a weakness. My mother however is the strongest of the woman of the tribe. I try to follow her and what she does but it doesn't seem to work for me. I get through the day without having any major problems and go to sleep early so I will have energy for the days ahead of me. “Ituha!!" My mother's sharp voice and the frigid air reminds me to wake. Today is the day of leaving.


This is my day. My time

to leave the tribe for two

weeks and survive in the dark woods. My mother has been feeding me for three days and giving me water in order that she may have a few more times to call me her own. If I survive, I will become a woman of the tribe, marry and be on my way to having my own life. I look in the shard of glass I use for a mirror. My olive skin and dark brown hair is boring to me. I wish I was beautiful. But I am not. My main focus today is to survive. I go outside and I see the whole tribe standing in front of my hut. I bow, but I have not eaten. I race back into the hut make myself some bacon and goat cheese and eat it quickly. I gather my supplies, remind myself to put on my coat, and force my body to go outside again. they're still standing there. They start singing the song of leaving.

I walk past them as they part to make way for me as I march towards the woods. My two sisters have both died in the woods and my mother is the leader of the women's tribe. I feel the weight of the need to survive. I'm terrified of the forest and have no idea what lies within, but I go inside anyway. I see the trees around me but the thick fog limits my vision. I see a patch of berries. My mother told me when I get into the forest gather as much food as I can and find a water source. I gather the berries and put them in my pouch.  Then I start crawling off to find a lake or river. No one can help me in the forest. It's just me and nature.

Once I have found a place to camp, I lay my pad down and force myself to fall into the deep pit that we call sleep.


The next morning I am cold and hungry. I had laid the berries down the night before to dry out, and I suddenly see next to the pile, a dead pika. I see the berry juice on the rodents mouth and look closely at the berries and see that they are Devils cup. My mother warned me about this and showed me a picture, but that was when I was very young. I quickly threw off the berries and went to search for other foods. Once I had found and killed a small rabbit I made a fire, skinned the rabbit, roasted it, and ate.

The next few days were difficult. The weather was deathly and I

experienced many things that I will remember forever. On the fourth day I woke up to a wet face. I touched my wet pallet of skin and noticed it was saliva. I slowly moved to my side and my heart raced. It was a bear. A brown bear eating the rest of the rabbit I had cooked the day before. I waited.


Suddenly the bear looked up and saw me. I know it knew I was there because of the saliva on my face but when it saw I was alive the bear attacked. I was terrified. My moms tips were if you met a bear climb a tree. But my camp was in a clearing! I quickly grabbed my knife and stabbed the bear again and again. Finally it was dead. I was panting and covered in blood. I was terrified. I knew I could not use it for food because I damaged the meat, so I dragged it into the bushes.

I was starving. The bear had eaten all my food. I thought of praying. My mother was a Catholic, but never prayed, and only went to the cathedral (a small shack in the tribe.) On holidays. I felt as he was with me. That I would always be safe with him by me. It was a feeling I never had before. I prayed as best a prayer as I could. " Lord, please keep me from starving in the forest, and keep me safe. " I Felt better. Suddenly I thought I saw a loaf of bread. Hallelujah! I am saved I thought. But as I looked closer, I noticed it was just a rock.


I thought God had tricked me. I felt abandoned and lost. But I knew I had to keep going. I tracked on for miles. Finally I found a berry patch. Before eating, I checked the berries to make sure they were not poison. Once I knew they were safe, I gobbled them up. Then I took a drink from my water skin. I knew God had given me these berries but ignored the fact, and pretended I was the one that had found the berries. Which was true. But God had led me to them. Even though God had not given me a miracle I knew the only way to survive was through him.


That frustrated me. All my life I could depend on myself. But now I was powerless. In a way I felt like my burdens were lifted off my shoulders.  ““Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.””
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭11:28-30‬ ‭NIV‬‬
I remembered that verse and said it over and over in my head. For comfort.


Every day I put a mark on the wooden bracelet my mother had given me. And today was the sixth. Eight more days I thought. Only eight. I gathered my things and set out to find a better camp.


Once I had walked for a while I decided to take a rest. I found a tall shady tree and plumped down. I felt I was not alone. I looked up. Two yellow eyes stared into my face. The Lynx attacked. I screamed. Thrashed. But my knife was in my pack. It's claws tore into my skin. Not knowing what to do I ran. finally the Lynx gave up. I was in a horrible state. If I'm lucky I might not bleed to death. My left leg is in shreds and I doubt I can walk for at least three days.


I'm scared. I want to live, and marry. I remember seeing a boy a week before I left. He was handsome, kind, and strong. I imagined him crashing through the bushes, picking me up, and carrying me to safety. But I knew that wouldn't happen.


I tried to drag myself to my pack twenty feet away, but it hurt. I only had a rabbit leg and a few berries. I knew eventually I would either starve to death or the Lynx would come back and finish me off. Not knowing what to do I prayed. I prayed for life, safety, and food. Then a rabbit hopped by, I quickly killed it and made a fire. I thanked the lord for what he had given me. Skinned the rodent and ate. I spaced myself. If I was to be in this shape for a long time I would have to ration my food. I then thought of water. I was parched. I took a small sip from my canteen and went to sleep.


The next morning I was dead thirsty. I needed water and fast. I only had about a teaspoon left in my canteen and the spring was miles away. But I thought of the rabbit. It couldn't have walked to the spring for water. So I looked for another source. After what felt like hours of searching I found a small pond.


I took water back to my camp and disinfected it  by boiling the water above my fire. I then took big gulps of water from the pan. Still hot, but I didn't care. I thought about what to do next. It had only been a week and I was badly injured. I decided to heal a few days and then decide what to do.


It only took me about another day to heal. I walked in the direction I thought was the way to my tribe, just to get close. I imagined what my mother would say to me when I got back. I imagined the look of pride on her face and the handsome boy beaming at me.


I decided to think of other things then what is back home. My mother told me that home is where your heart is. But I have no idea where my heart is. It's not back at the tribe. Maybe I will stay in the woods. No pressure, no one telling me what to do. I thought about making a shack, maybe making a pen to keep rabbits and wild pigs in.


It was a good thought. But I knew I had to go back. If I didn't, they would search the woods for me. Thinking I was dead. If I die, they will also search for my body. To have a funeral. My mother will be sad, but she will not cry. She is the leader, and she is too strong to weep.


I only had four days left. I knew I should make camp by the tribe like all the others do, but I decided against it. I did not feel close to the tribe.


On the last day, I trekked in the direction of the tribe. Or at least I thought I was.

I saw a small opening and thought surely this is the way to the tribe. But when I walked through the opening I saw not the small huts of my tribe but large houses made of brick!


I had heard from my mother about the town of wittler but had never been there.

The people were simple like me but I had not imagined them this way.  

The settlers were new and exciting. They came up to me and spoke a strange language that I had not heard before, but I listened and nodded to be polite.


I decided to stay. It was a beautiful town and it was welcoming. There was no pressure and I knew I would be welcomed. Once I had arrived an old woman came to me and took me into her home.


She fed me a hearty bowl of soup and nursed my wounds. After a few months I had learned the language and had started to fit in. I had learned the old woman's name. It was Agatha. She was a small woman about the height of a small tree. The settlers told me she was five feet two inches. But I told them that the old woman was not feet. She was a woman. But all they did when they heard that sentence was laugh.


I was often confused with the settlers but I soon learned many things. I learned that feet was a way to measure and not actual feet. I learned to read and write in their language. And I learned the traditions of their people.

One frosty morning in the spring. A man came to the home of the old settler. And he asked me if I wanted to go on a stroll. I agreed and we went on a stroll in the woods. I showed him the places I camped and the opening to my tribe. We did not go into the tribe in fear that they would take me back.


The young man's name was William. He was a kind and strong man and soon we became married. After that I had a simple life. I gave birth to two beautiful children, and became the teacher of the school.


I became very close to God after I came out of the forest and taught my husband and both my children about him. After that the settlers built a chapel to praise God and I went there every Sunday. One of the settlers gave me a bible to read and we started a incredible life with God. I occasionally thought of what would've happened if I had gone back to the tribe. But I knew it was God's will to have me here.


Name: Ione Larson

   Hi, I am Crystal and I am here to tell you about my highschool life... the worst four years of my life.

                                                                                 CHAPTER 1: OMG!


 I was walking to class almost an hour late. I am not popular or pretty or perfect. If you want popular, pretty, and perfect go crawling to Maddison White. Se is rich, pretty, popular, and has the boys bending at her will. She is the whole package. Her ex-boyfriend is captain of the football team Samual Black. Anyway... going to class, 1st period, homeroom. Teacher: Professor Jackson. A hard as concrete teacher. No "excuse" for being late goes. Nor leaving early. Someone better have died to leave his class. Not only that but Samual Black {my crush} sit right in front of me! Maddison and her squad in front of him. Ever seen Mean Girls? They are the pinks ten times worse.

I walked into the room and it fell silent. You could hear a pen drop. Professor Jackson walked over to me.

"You have a pass?" His voice gruff.

"Yes sir..." I go to grab my yellow office pass.

"Someone Die?" He grabs my pass.

"No sir."

"To bad. Sit down and don't interrupt my class again!" He nearly yells.

"Yes sir. Sorry sir." I walked away very quickly.

I hear giggles from Maddison and her giggle goons. I walk down my row completely embarrassed. Then I fall. My adrenaline hits the roof. It started pounding and my heart started going a mile a minute. I can't move. 2 seconds feels like an eternity. I look at my stuff. Embarrassment turns to anger. I look at the person too my right.

"You tripped me you..." I cut myself off when I realize who I am yelling at.

Non other than Samual Black. My face turns red. I can just tell. I look around. The room is silent. All eyes are on me. I ran. I just stood up and ran. As fast as I could. The laughs following me. Haunting me! I was already late because of mom. Class would be ending soon. What happen would star spreading like a wild fire in Africa! I ran into the locker room, and hid behind the mounds of sports equipment. Tears started pouring down my face. I was wearing a red, orange, and white tie die tanktop, short ripped shorts, and black flip flops. The salty tears building up on my bare legs. It has been about 15 min. scence I ran out of the class room. The 2nd period bell rings. I take out my Samsung S4. Dead. Crap. I need to get out of here. I start to stand up slowly, when the doors open. I sit back down. The football team comes in laughing. Not the girl football team. What why are they doing in the GIRLS locker room. This is the GIRLS locker room right?! Wait... Oh boy... Of coarse... Samual is on the team! Now I defiantly have to get out of here before I get caught. Think, Think, Think... {light bulb} They take showers before they practice. I'll get out then!

Name: Persaphone04

Most People will go through life with just caring about their job. They never stop and notice the things around them.
Those kind of people are lame and only care about "perfect grades" "perfect life, perfect job, Perfect everything"
Everything they do has to be perfect or they go back and fix it. 
People who like creatively live a much better life.
Most days I see the world as a movie, other times I see the world as a song.
I see a need for almost everything. I despise the word perfect and being perfect. 
I don't get the perfect grades or speak the perfect words. HECK Almost every word I speak comes out wrong.
That's because I don't think before I speak cause I don't care whether People understand me.
I can't live without music. I like the kind of music that most people would think is "emo" "devilish"
But if you look at what's "hot" today guess what 99% of it is about....Sex or Breaking up with someone.
But if you would to look at metal or emo or "devilish" music Guess what you would find...Songs about being yourself, speaking out, Standing out, And to help you not care what others think of you.
So there isn't really a difference between the "emos" and the "Normal" people.
Emo people feel more. Normal people like everything perfect and everything to go their way.
If someone told me to do something a certain way I would go the hard way just to be able to do it my way.
People say you have to be normal and live the way they want you to even your parents.
My parents want me to go to college when all I want to do is be a singer/song-writer.
I'm not going to college I dare to go my own way, I DARE to do what no one in my family ever did.
I'm standing for myself and being who I am.
Even if you're christian (I am) there are metal christian bands that are still about finding yourself and talking about how much they love god.
(War of ages, For today, are some I like)
Comment if you're like this...or just to comment.
Comment if you want to be like this.
Comment if you don't think this is true 
Comment and tell me what you think <3
Name: BVB&SWS Girl

You can knock me down.
Shun me. Drown me. 
Try to keep me hidden.
You think I'm perfect.
That I have nothing to hide.
But you don't see the truth.
You see what I've done,
Not what I've been through.
You see cuts,
But not scars.
If you think I'm perfect,
Then I know you're wrong.
Because I am a shattered mirror,
Put me back together, and you'll still see the cracks.
Mirrors show you the truth.
Look at me and try to understand. 
I am in darkness.
Darkness scientifically means no light.
But that's not what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about the awful words
The hurtful words, the mean words.
The words that slowly bent me and broke me.
Distorted my image till I was nothing but cracks.
Now that you've seen my cracks, know that I'm done.
I'm done caring about the little cracks in my glass,
That just seem to grow bigger.
Because you can't care when you're dead.
Next time you see a mirror, think of me. Think of my cracks.

Steve was a normal guy. But when Lora the new kid at school moves in next door, Steve starts feeling things he never ever felt. Concern, Love, Joy, and sadness. All for just Lora. Steve wants to learn more about Lora. But what he finds is not what he wants or expected. SHE IS A WITCH!!!!!! Despite what Steve learned he is still falling for Lora. Lora loves him and they live happily ever after (not really).



Name: Cora



What's a Teen Advisory Board?

A Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a group of teens who meet regularly to give librarians guidance about better serving teens and Library program ideas for our community. Each meeting is different depending on the goals of the TAB. There are usually snacks and it is always fun!

TAB members attend meetings and programs, and are responsible library users. They help promote participation in Library programs, and respect the tastes, privacy, and opinions of others. They are committed to making their community more enjoyable for everyone. And it looks great on your college application and resume!

Interested? Check out the Teen Advisory Boards at DPL and get involved!

Teen Advisory Boards at DPL:

Saved My life, How can I thank you?

Chapter 1: What Happened?

Everybody looks alright on the outside but if you were to look inside, They Wouldn't be.

Everybody thinks that if they put a fake smile on, No one will notice. But I do, I see right through them.

My name is Dani and this is my veiw on life.


A couple of years ago in december I was trying to find myself in this great big world.

I was so lost that I would do anything just to feel loved but That all changed last week.

You see I was just walking along the road when I saw a bright light.

Different (the book)

July 3, 2014 - 1:26pm -- Coraw

( I am the writer of this book, but my sister is the editor)

Chapter 1


Two months earlier

"Hurry up Benjamin". "I'm not a robot Clair". "You should be".

Why do brothers have to be so annoying. My only birthday vacation this summer,and Ben has to take his sweet time. Someone to complain to. Hmmm maybe my best friend Lily. I pull out my phone and text her.

read if you dare

so heres the deal it snows i do school get nothing right cause im day dreaming because of books the things i live and breath so ow well right now im reading a lot and my parents are like slow down go to the library and im like well i want my own library and they laugh crazy people if yourre reading this comment if you dare.

What's your identity. An important message.

January 1, 2014 - 7:46pm -- ard916

This sounds like something from a movie.  Sounds like a mystery plot.  It's neither of these things, but rather a VERY important message that I feel I have a burden to share with all of you.

How do you define your worth.  Do you call yourself a runner, a speaker, a cheerleader, a swimmer, an author, artist, magician, or a nothing.

Vine-off in ideaLAB!!

October 26, 2013 - 4:55pm -- Laura

Saturdays in ideaLAB are always fun, but teens really mixed it up today with a Vine-off.  The rules were simple:  Make the best 6 second video and win small!

The winners were:

1.  Sophie, The life in the library

2.  Ethan, Software make hardware happen

3. Mo, Addiction

Honorable mentions, affirming nods, and solid pats on the back go to Rhylie and Thane (though Thane is staff, so...)


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