Different (the book)

June 19, 2014 - 1:34pm -- Coraw

( I am writing a this book so i will be blogging one chapter at a time)


Present time

I remember my old life. When I knew I was different, distant from all the other kids, and made different choices than everybody else. Yet I  never knew I was this different, or important in any shape or form. "What do you mean" or "How and why" you ask. well I asked those same exact questions in one point in the last two months. As my life went on in those last two months I started to understand, and so will you. Even though I'm more different than I used to be, I wouldnt give up my new life for my old life. In the new life I  have, I found love, hope, and support.Things I never knew existed in the world. Would you have made the same choices I made in the those last two months. I will never know, but I know the choices I made, I wouldn't change for the world.



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Good start!

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