Different (the book)

July 3, 2014 - 1:26pm -- Coraw

( I am the writer of this book, but my sister is the editor)

Chapter 1


Two months earlier

"Hurry up Benjamin". "I'm not a robot Clair". "You should be".

Why do brothers have to be so annoying. My only birthday vacation this summer,and Ben has to take his sweet time. Someone to complain to. Hmmm maybe my best friend Lily. I pull out my phone and text her.

ME- Ben is being so slow. I wish he would hurry up packing the stuff in the car

Lily- Give him a break

Me- Why? Hes 12 he should be faster at this stuff.

Lily- Not everybody can be as fast as you. Take me for an example

Me- ur right. Sorry

Lily- Its ok. Ill see u when u get back and text me everything that happens when ur there. I love juicy gossip

Me- KK. See ya later

I shut my phone and put it back into my pocket.

"I'm done Clair". Finally. "Mom, Dad we are ready to leave."

"Be there in five sweetheart, Dad and I are doing one more check around the house".

"K". Yay we are leaving this stupid place, and going somewhere nice and sunny. Not a rainy and crappy place Seatle,Washington where I live. I wonder if my parents would let me rent a car when we get to the beach. Im almost 18 after all. I want to explore while im still young. I am so glad its summer. I dont have to pretend im someone else during the summer. Lily and my family are the only people who know im not a freak show. I L O V E SUMMER.

"Alright  sweetheart we are leaving".

open the car door and get in. I think im going to take a nap. Its a long car ride after all. I close my eyes at the sight of my Mom driving.    


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