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Electronics Project Cards


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Arduino Basics: Getting Started with Blinking Lights

Arduino is a combination of simple hardware and open software. Arduino doesn't do anything by itself. You have to connect it to other components (the hardware) and then tell it what to do (the software). Get to know the program. Download the Getting Started with Blinking Lights project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

Breadboard 101: Build Your First Circuit

This is a solderless breadboard. It lets you quickly and painlessly create circuits, attach components, and create beautiful things with no hassle, no permanent changes to your hardware. It's kind of like an artist's sketchpad. It's where great ideas are born and tweaked and tried out. Download the Build Your First Circuit project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

Make a Night Light

You can use an LED as an input, shine a bright light on it, and it will get all powered up and discharge some of that energy as a weak electrical current. Which means you can use a plain old LED as a cheap light detector. Let's build a simple night light. Download the Make a Night Light project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

Hack Your Shirt

This ain't your Grandma's sewing circle. Take an old shirt and make it shine! Literally. Sew some LED lights onto your shirt. Light up that ol' fashion quilting bee. Download the Hack Your Shirt project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3


The guys over at evilmadscientist.com, who appear to have invented the bristlebot, call it “a tiny directional vibrobot.” They’re small, cheap, noisy, and fun. The bristlebots, that is. Not the scientists. Let’s make one! Download the BristleBots project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

Creating Paper Circuit Art

Using copper tape and surface-mount LEDs you can make a fully functional circuit on a flat surface, like a piece of paper. You can make light-up greeting cards, make origami animals come to life, or create three-dimensional pop-up paper sculpture that have working lights in them. Download the Paper Circuit Art project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

Makey Makey Controller

It’s a micro controller (which is a small computer on a single integrated circuit)! It allows objects that conduct electricity to interact with your computer. Basically that means it will let you use things like Play-Doh or bananas to simulate key presses or mouse clicks. You could play Minecraft with aluminum foil floor pads if you want to. Download the Makey Makey Controller project card (PDF).

Difficulty level: 1 out 3

Project Idea: DIY Traffic Light

Use Arduino, Breadboard and some LEDs to create your own traffic light! Download the DIY Traffic Light project card (PDF).

Project Idea: Motion Activated Bug

Use littleBits (an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets) to create a motion activated bug. Download the Motion Activated Bug project card (PDF).