Evolver Community Guidelines


The Evolver website accepts submissions of art, book lists, crafts, electronics projects, music, videos, website/games and writing by teens. Name, school, and grade will be the only information posted on the website with the piece. The Library reserves the right to edit work for spelling, punctuation, and formatting. Keep in mind that plagiarism is rampant on the Internet and we cannot protect content from thieves. Submissions will go online as space allows. Please review our Terms of Service.

Create and Connect

  • Art - upload original photography or photographs of your art. We ask that file sizes should not exceed 16 MB and images are in png, gif or jpeg format.
  • Book lists - please limit book lists to 20 titles and pick a theme for your book list, like "My All-Time Favorite Fantasy Books" or "Books with Great Main Characters." Include author and title.
  • Crafts - please post a photo of your craft project. You may also include information about your project: what it is, how you made it, etc.
  • Electronics - please post a photo or video of your electronics project. You may also include information about your project: code, how you built it, etc.
  • Music - music must be on Soundcloud in order to be submitted to the Evolver site. Please post a link to your work and an album cover, if you wish.
  • Video - videos must be on YouTube or Vimeo in order to be submitted to the Evolver site. Please post a link to your work.
  • Website/Game/Animation - websites and games should be hosted outside of Evolver. We will post a screenshot/logo and link to your site. You may also include the code you used, how you built it, etc.
  • Writing - poetry, creative writing, short stories, comics, etc. will all be accepted.
  • Reviews - write a review of a book, DVD or music CD that we have in the library catalog.
  • DPL reserves the right not to post any content or to later remove it.

Teen Blogs

  • A user account is required to participate in the blogs on Evolver.
  • Teens must accept the Terms of Service when creating a user account.

What not to do

  • Do not attack another user’s material. Any spam, flaming, personal attacks, un-authorized advertisements, inappropriate/offensive language and/or materials are not permitted.
  • Do not add material that isn’t yours. This includes other people's photos, stories and/or things you’ve found on the internet.
  • Please do not submit art with copyrighted characters, or photographs of people who have not given their consent to having their likeness published on this website.

Commenting Guidelines

  • Comments are open to all and will be moderated.
  • Commentary, opinion, and reaction to posts are welcome and consistent with DPL's commitment to intellectual freedom.
  • Comments should be relevant to the specific content they are attached to.
  • Spam, flaming, personal attacks, and off-topic comments are not permitted.
  • DPL reserves the right not to post any comment or to later remove it.