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databasesLibrary databases are online collections of information, organized for research. Databases contain articles, eBooks, images, maps, primary sources and more. Start your research with these general databases, available from any Denver Public Library or from home with a Denver Public Library Card

Student Resources in Context Reference essays, magazine, journal and newspaper articles and primary source documents, historical timelines, biographies, and  classroom topics.

CQ Researcher In-depth analysis of topics in the news ranging from social and teen issues to environment, health, education, science and technology. Features comments from experts, lawmakers and citizens on all sides of the issues. Great for school assignments. Video Tutorial

Gale Virtual Reference Library Reference books online. Great for school work.

Explora for Teens Look up articles, facts and primary sources for research papers, class projects or homework. Get information from trustworthy sources that you can cite in your papers. Designed with students and educators in mind.