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What: The SM Energy ideaLAB is a free digital media lab for teens ages 12 to 19 featuring tons of hardware and software.

Where: Central Library, Community Technology Center, Floor 4

When: Monday-Friday, 3-6 p.m. 


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DevCamp 2.0

DevCamp 2.0 was several week-long summer camps on web development for teens ages 12-19. These camps were held during the summer of 2015. Learn more...

A big thank you to our DevCamp 2.0 community partners!

For DevCamp 2.0 each group was asked to pick a problem facing their community and to come up with a website that would help solve that problem. Here is what they developed:

Hadley, June 2015

Hadley, July 2015

Central, July 2015

DevCamp 2014

Learn more about DevCamp, a two-week crash course in web development for teens that was held during the summer of 2014. And be sure to check out the sites the teens developed:

A big thank you to our DevCamp partners!

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Project Cards

Learn how to create awesome stuff! These project ideas are a great way to earn badges, too:

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Teen-Created Projects

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