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Chasing Brooklyn

Chasing Brooklyn

by Lisa Schroeder
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Reviewer: Yoselin Baylon
Age: 15
Library: Central Library
Reviewed on: May 10, 2016


I definately enjoyed this book and would really recommend this book for everyone who loves romance and mystery. Chasing Brooklyn is about this young beautiful girl that receives devastating news about her boyfriend Lucca who just died in an accident. Nico was Lucca's younger brother and everytime Nicco is asleep or alone he visits him. A year passes and Brooklyn's friend Gabe dies from and overdose, She keeps seeing him in her dreams and when shes alone weird things happen, Brooklyn doesn't understand why it's Gabe visiting her and not Lucca, and Nicco doesn't understand why Lucca is telling him to help Brooklyn. As time passes by, Nico and Brooklyn get really close and become comfortable with each other. They don't know it but they have slowly fallen in love. They both remember their dead loved ones and decide to be happy and no matter what happens to just keep moving forward..  

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