The death cure

The death cure

by James Dashner
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Reviewer: Jerson Silva
Age: 15
Reviewed on: May 10, 2016


I really enjoyed this book.I prefer the books way better than the movies because they are more descriptive and in the movies they leave something out which is bad.  The series is really good because Thomas is a teenager that knows WICKED can't be trusted at all. They stole all of his memories and they put him in the Maze. Now WICKED is saying all the lies are over. They say they'll restore all their memories but if they do give them back they have to do one final test which is to complete the blueprint for the cure. WICKED doesn't know that Thomas has remembered far more than they think. Will WICKED be able to tell the whole truth behind all these lies or will they continue to lie ?  


Submitted by Caitlin Pyne on

This book series is the BEST EVER!!! It is my favorite! I highly reccomend reading this book!  Every chapter ends at a cliff hanger and there is so many surprises in the book! MUST READ.

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