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The fault in our stars

The fault in our stars

by John Green
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Reviewer: Kliff Hoang
Age: 15
Reviewed on: May 12, 2017


The Fault In Our Stars by John Green is great book about drama. Though has some deep parts of the story like death.  This book is John Green's sixth book to publish in January 2012. This story takes you to a story about a teen girl and also the main character if the book Named hazel Grace. She was born with cancer that spreads to her lungs, She was in a group called the cancer group and then later meets a guy named Augustus Waters. Hazel at first tried to get away from him because of her cancer but instead Augustus thought that she was the right girl for him or so. After that, throughout the story they hung out tgethor to become friends and suddenly fall in love. Get ready for a twist where the author takes the humor of a story of humor and laghter at first but is also gonna be some romance and anger of family and friends. He brings characters and groups of teens that are brave enogh to have laughter and saddness in them. The characters would hide things away of depression and no hope as they try their hardess to keep their families and friends of only showing happieness and strengh as long as they can.  This book "The Fault In Our Stars is like a rollor coaster of feelings. This book takes you in adventure of both saddness and happieness.