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Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon

by Daniel Keyes
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Reviewer: William M.
Age: 14
Reviewed on: October 19, 2016


Flowers for Algernon is a wonderful story for both teens and adults. It tells the story of Charlie Gordon, a man who has a brain issue which causes him to have a very low IQ. He is approached by a science lab that says they can make him smart. Charlie is alone in the city so this is a very helpful opportunity for him. Charlie goes through the surgery and we see a large improvement in his intelligence and in the intelligence of Algernon, the mouse that went under the same treatment as Charlie. This book has many vivid characters with many different personalities. Daniel Keyes does a masterful job of writing as Charlie throughtout his transformation. I urge anyone who enjoys a great plot and an amazing writing style to read this immediately. 

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Submitted by Avery Hamilton on

This book is so cute I loved it! Towards the end I kind of cried a little that's okay it was worth it!