Looking For Alaska

Looking For Alaska

by John Green
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Reviewer: Ciara
Age: 16
Library: Hampden
Reviewed on: August 1, 2017


John Green’s novel, "Looking For Alaska," demonstrates the meaning of love, hope, grief, and forgiveness through students exploring the experiences of college for the first time. The main character Miles or "Pudge" meets a girl who changes his shy and insecure character into a more adventurous and rebellious one just like her. This novel was, in my opinion, Green's best novel because of the layers of meaning that came from the novel. The message that John Green conveys through "Looking For Alaska" is imagining who people are in your own way and how that is the most destructive thing to do to someone and that putting someone on a pedestal so far from who they really are, distracts from who their real self. All in all this novel was a good read and I highly recommend as a fiction book to read for fun. 

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