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Warp speed

Warp speed

by Lisa Yee
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Reviewer: Max Cortez
Age: 15
Reviewed on: May 19, 2015


Lisa Yee is the author of the book that i just finished reading, Warp Speed and it wasn't that bad. The book takes placce mostly on the in the main characters school and his house it doesn't say the exact location in where they live and g to school but to me it didn't really matter. Marley is the main protagonist in the book and he's a bit of a nerd if not a complete nerd, Marley talks a lot about star trek almost in every page he makes a refrence of the show, Marley wasn't my personal favorite it was actually another one and she was a fried of Marley's called Max and she was pretty cool and really bossy. THis book has some chuckles but I wouldn't call it the best book I ever read but it's not bad and I had it's momments like the part when we found out that Max is actually a girl now that really caught me by surprise. So Warp Speed is not the best book but it's pretty funny when it needs to be so so I would give it a three out of five stars.

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