by Lauren DeStefano
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Reviewer: KristinR
Reviewed on: December 3, 2012


In a world where males live to age 25, and females only to age 20, Rhine is kidnapped and forced into a polygamous arranged marriage at age 16.  With four years left to live, Rhine's only hope is to escape her marriage with Linden and return to her twin brother.  But her husband is actually in love with her, and Rhine is not sure why she cannot hate him as much as she wants to.  Then she realizes that her father-in-law is secretly holding corpses in the basement, conducting research in a desperate attempt to find an antidote to the virus, while her sister wives harbor secrets of their own and are in a bitter competition with Rhine to become First Wife.  As Rhine is swept into Linden's world of wealth and luxury, she begins to question not only whether she can run away, but whether she wants to.

This haunting novel will keep you riveted right to its cliffhanger conclusion.

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