Saved My life, How can I thank you?


Chapter 1: What Happened?

Everybody looks alright on the outside but if you were to look inside, They Wouldn't be.

Everybody thinks that if they put a fake smile on, No one will notice. But I do, I see right through them.

My name is Dani and this is my veiw on life.


A couple of years ago in december I was trying to find myself in this great big world.

I was so lost that I would do anything just to feel loved but That all changed last week.

You see I was just walking along the road when I saw a bright light.

So I did but anybody would do: I walked towards it.

It was so bright and pretty I wanted to see what it was.

I forgot that it was night and it could be a car light.

As I was walking towards the light, it seemed like the whole world Stopped and let heaven in.

All I saw was bright red hair and a blue coat.

That person pushed me out of the light and saved my life.

But all I could think about is: Who?

It could've been someone I know or the love of my life. (maybe not that last one)

My whole mind was focused on finding that person to thank him/her.

And thats where this whole thing started.

End of chapter 1.


Submitted by BVB_SWS Gurl on
The rest is on quotev. Just search the title and it should pop up with the username:MusicFreak112

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