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"Scarlet! Wolf! You're here!" Kai gushed, and admitted them inside. It has been only 5 months since Wolf & Scarlet have been officaly married, but Scarlet was already preganant with a almost baby, girl. 

 "Cinder is upstars preparing Scarlet, if you wanted to help" Kai said as he gestured toward the stairs. he and Wolf were now alone in the living room. 

  This was the first time they had seen each other since Wolfs wedding. 

  They just stood there in a awkward silence when the sound of the doorbell broke through the silence. "Cress and Thorne!" Kai observed as he opened the door. 

  Cress had decided to dress up in  a flower teel dress, that drapped down to her knees, Thorne was in full on fancy mode, rocking a well fitted tuxedo, that must have been new, since it hadn't been torn up yet.

  "Who's you decorator? it looks like someone ate a bunch of garbage, and threw up all over this room!" Thorne shrieked as he took in the decorations. 

  "Thorne! Be respectful!" Cress nagged as she dragged hime across the room, to go have a "private talk" with him about his manners. 

  Kai was left standing in the middle of the empty room, feeling quite lonely. No other guests would arrive soon, Winter and jacin woulsd be arriving late, for they were coming from a rural little town in Africa, with such a weird name that no one could remember (or pronouce) it. 

  The public was strictly forbidden from coming, since Cinder wanted this to be a quiet, and private wedding, some what like Wolf & Scarlets. 

 Suddenly, out of the blue, Kai heard a squeel coming from the back of the room.

 "Hello, Iko" Kai sighed as he turned to face Iko. Sincwe Scarlet and Wolfs wedding, she has gotten many upgrades. She decided to remove the color changing eyes, because they started glitching out on her and caused some glitches in her system. 

   Iko felt really down after that, and when Cinder ran an analysis on what caused the eyes to glitch out, and it turns out that Ikos android body was outdated, and couln't "accept" the eyes.

  That kinda drove Iko made, and she ended up getting a new 'body" and has installed color changing mood eyes, glow in the dark skin, and un-tangable hair. Shes been happy since. 

  "KAI!" Iko gas[ped, pretending to be suprised at his presence. 

  "Iko!" Kai uddered, and he didn't resist when Iko swooped in to give him a giant bear hug. 

   "kai......" Iko whispered, as she stepped back. " I can't belive that your getting married! Getting married to my CindeR! Oh! It's just so... great" Iko mummbled as she weirdly exite the room, maybe she was having a mood swing? Who knew.


  You look beautiful" Kai wheezed as he got sight of Cinder. She didn't just look beautiful, she looked...perfect.

    Cinder was wearing a classic white gown, with a touch of glam, a golden silk belt, with a nice sized pendant placed in the middle.

     Kai couldn't belive his eyes, the dress was perfect for Cinder, perfect. 

     Just as Cinder was going to walk down the aisle, Winter and Jacin came rushing in, late. Kai could have just burst from anger, but than his eyes shifted back towards Cinder, and the world started to melt around him. 

     Before he could even notice, Cinder was down the aisle, and was staring at him with alluring eyes. They just kept on staring, and staring. Than he noticed the crowd, they were staring to, so was the preist, than he realized what just happened. He was asked if he does.

      Kai sweared under his breath, but he was able to settle down, and his eyes want back to Cinders.

                                                             "I Do" 

About the Project: 
This short story is about Kai & Cinders wedding, or, what happened AFTER stars above.


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